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Large Travel Tin

Large Travel Tin

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Our Large Travel Tin is the perfect size to hold your 3-ounce shampoo and conditioner bars, providing a secure and mess-free solution for your travels. It ensures your bars stay protected during your journey, so you can easily maintain your hair care routine on the go. The best part is, a bar lift can be purchased separately to fit perfectly inside the tin, keeping your bars dry and making them last longer. This lightweight and stylish tin remains the ultimate travel accessory for all your hair care adventures!

The Large Travel Tin can hold either two 3-ounce bars or one 3-ounce bar along with a bar lift. However, please note that the Giant 5.5 Ounce Bar will only fit once about an ounce has been used.

Note: Please make sure to dry off the bars before placing them inside the tin and closing it. You'll want to ensure the bar is dry before putting on the lid. Keeping them dry will help maintain their quality during your travels!


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