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NATURAL WOODEN BRUSH / Oval / Ash Wood / Pure Natural Rubber / Vegan / Eco-Friendly / For All Hair Types

NATURAL WOODEN BRUSH / Oval / Ash Wood / Pure Natural Rubber / Vegan / Eco-Friendly / For All Hair Types

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Our wooden brush is pretty amazing! It has a pure, natural rubber cushion and turned hornbeam pins. (If you're shopping around and comparing wooden brushes, notice how the others have a petroleum rubber or plastic cushion). The brush is sealed with linseed oil and vegetable carnauba wax, making it waterproof. It was handmade in Italy by TEK. (TEK is well known for its high-quality craftsmanship and special attention to environmental protection.)

The oval brush with regular pins is 8.66" long (standard size), and 2.36" wide. The brush is lightweight at 2.3 oz.

All natural ash wood brush is high quality and ideal for all hair types!
The brush comes in a 100% cotton bag made in the USA.

The wooden brush has several unique properties:
-excellent for massaging the scalp
-improves blood circulation
-reinforces hair roots
-naturally conditions hair

Why use our brush?
The handle and pins do not rip the hair and do not electrify them; the natural rubber cushion allows a soft and pleasant brushing, massages the scalp, and reactivates the blood circulation reinforcing the hair roots. A lot of brushes on the market are made with plastic materials and often in their production there are some manufacturing defects that can damage the hair, moreover, the plastic attracts electrostatic energy and so cause the creation of the unaesthetic “fluttering” effect on the hair. The pins of the BSL brushes are perfectly turned and smooth, so they don’t have imperfections that can damage the hair.

Please note that there is a tiny hole in the rubber that makes the brush breathe and improves the massage of the scalp. It was purposefully designed this way and is not a defect.


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